East Coast Poker Tournament

The East Coast Poker tournament is a Texas No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament held once a month by the Wayne, NJ PAL and is a fundraiser to benefit the kids of Wayne, NJ. The dealers and floor managers are professionally hired in a “friends and family” atmosphere featuring complimentary catered food and drinks as part of your buy-in. Enjoy raffled prizes and giveaways from our sponsors during the breaks as well. This tournament is NJ’s longest running (outside of a casino) tournament and is a favorite of the parents, coaches and local community in general.

Come to our next tournament and enjoy a great night of poker, food, fun and friends! Register online and receive an extra $500 chip to start.

About Our Tournament

Food at Poker Tournament6:45pm-7:30pm Registration
7:30pm-11:30pm Tournament

$120 Buy in; Players start with 5000 in Chips.

It is now a BOUNTY Tournament. $20 goes to the Bounty
Each Player receives a special color “bounty” chip. Knock a player out to receive his chip which is good for $20. Player only receives the bounty chip when the other player does not re-buy.

$100 Re-Buys for the first hour – 5000 Chips
Player must be below 5000 chips to re-buy
$100 Add-on at the end of the first hour – 5000 Chips


Visa Gift Card1st Place winner – $3,500 (estimated) in the form of VISA Gift Cards. Remaining prizes are awarded to the top 10%. Actual award amounts are based upon total players, re-buys and add-ons. Must be 18 to play. Complete rules available at registration office.

Texas Hold’em consists of 4 Betting Rounds. Throughout the Texas Hold’em game each player receives 2 facedown “Pocket Cards”. 5 face-up “Community cards” placed in the center of the Texas Hold’em Poker Table to be shared by all the players. Each player on the Texas Hold’em Poker Table creates the highest valued Poker hand, using any combination of his/her 2 Pocket Cards and the 5 Community cards.